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Hi there, I'm Alexandra! Welcome to the Timeless Photos blog, where I share all about my most recent photo sessions. Stay a while and reach out to say hello!


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Why Timeless Photos?

Sep 9, 2022

Hi, my name is Alex, and as you guessed, I am a photographer. One of the many questions I get when meeting a new client is,

“Why did you choose to be a photographer? Why do you specialize in newborn, maternity, and family-styled shoots?”

These two questions are sentimental for me to share but also one of my favorite things to answer. 

When I was around 3-4 years old, I was taken away from my home and put into an orphanage full of strangers and many kids around my age. I spent a little over a year in a place where nothing was mine, everything was shared, and memories were later blocked from my mind because of the trauma. I have no memory of my life before the age of 5. (which was when I was adopted) I don’t have baby photos of myself or my siblings and have no way to get any. I have two photos of my biological mother; they are so old, faded, and dark that they can’t be considered photos but more shadows or silhouettes. Although I am blessed and grateful for them, it just wasn’t enough for me. 

I grew up when cameras became increasingly popular and the internet became a thing of the future.  I can still hear the high-pitched dial tone as the internet tries to connect to the house phone.  

Anyways, around the age of 10, my mother got me my first little handheld digital camera. She laughed because I had NO skill. I would cut everyone’s heads off, my finger would be in the photo, or the image was just plain ugly! That didn’t stop her from helping me carry on my dream. I wanted to capture everything—every moment, every memory, every event, everything I could. 

With no baby blanket, no photos of my biological mother holding me as a baby, no adorable outfits or prop photos. I didn’t have a perfect family photo or the welcome home outfit. I have nothing, not even my memories. 

So I  decided to capture everything, and I wanted to do it for others. That, my reader, is why I do family, maternity, and newborn photography for the most part. Those are the moments I wish I could have looked back on and thought, “wow, look how much I looked like my mother or father. or “wow, look how chunky my feet were.”

Now I am in a business where I get to GIVE my clients those memories. I get to use the cutest newborn props, wrap them with the most beautiful colors, and capture moments of love and miracles! I truly get to make memories for others and make them Timeless. 

Newborn family photos

Making memories timeless.

Newborn Family Photos

For the parents just as much as for the baby.

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Timeless Photos provides lasting portrait photography of families, newborns, and expecting mothers in Sacramento and Northern California to relive all of life's fleeting moments.